Star Wars | Ambient Soundtrack Mix

Welcome to yet another Ambient Soundtrack Mix, this time with the wonderful music from the Star Wars films. From A New Hope all the way to The Rise of Skywalker, this mix includes all the calm and beautiful pieces I could find, along with some more spectacular ones. This mix might therefore not be as relaxing as other ones Ive done. You have been warned! ;-)

Please enjoy and kind regards,

Artwork by the amazing Tysen Johnson:

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00:00 — 00:20 Guardians of the Whills Suite (Rogue One)
00:20 — 01:33 Rebel Briefing (Return of the Jedi)
01:33 — 03:13 The City in the Clouds (The Empire Strikes Back)
03:13 — 05:17 The Good Guy (Solo: A Star Wars Story)
05:17 — 06:02 A New Home (The Rise of Skywalker)
06:02 — 07:35 Jyn Erso

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