Christian Löffler Sunday Mix by Crack Magazine 2020

German producer Christian Löffler tends to make computer music that feels very organic. It’s easy to imagine the Baltic coast where he grew up when listening, and much of his inspiration comes from natural cues, like the passing of seasons in a nearby woodland referenced on his latest album Lys.

His Sunday mix is anchored to the meditative throb of a 4/4 kick drum, and glistening melodies and pockets of texture paint his evocative picture. Small music with enough space to stretch out into.

01.Christian Löffler – Lys
02.Julian Stetter – Sensual
03.Dominik Eulberg – Fünffleck Widderchen
04.Fejka – Lotus
05.Janus Rasmussen – Jörð
06.Rone – Babel
07.Pantha du Prince – Pius In Tacet
08.Acid Pauli – How Long is Now
09.Isolee – Jordi
10.Recondite – Mirror Games
11.Robag Whrume – Nata Alma (Club Smash Hit Version)
12.Superpoze – The Corridor
13.Aparde – No Need (Robot Koch Remix)
14.Rosa Anschütz – Diopter (Hior Remix)
15.Christian Löffler – Roth (ft. Mohna)
Sunday Mix: Christian Löffler

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Christian Löffler in The Lab: Home Sessions #StayHome

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The Lab USA is BULLDOG Gin and Mixmags weekly live stream and post-work unwind, where we showcase the finest DJs direct from our offices in LA and NYC. On Sunday April 19, were switching things up with a very special Home Session from Christian Löffler.

This Home Session will see the German perform a live set. Anyone whos seen Christian play live will know of the melancholic atmosphere he creates through a combination of synths, dusty kick drums, bubbly melodies and woozy vocals. All of thats present on his latest album, Lys, which you can expect to hear in this set.

Christian, along with his Ensemble, took his live show to the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London last year, while also touring everywhere from Germany and Greece to the United States and India.

His label Ki Records has been the home of most of his releases since 2009, including four albums (plus a rework album) from his first, A Forest, up until the most recent Lys. Ki has also welcomed the likes of Aparde, Hior Chronik, Stimming and Janus Rasmussen in the last few years.

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Christian Löffler @ Crack Mag Sunday Mix 2020

00:00 Christian Löffler – Lys
04:13 Julian Stetter – Sensual
09:45 Dominik Eulberg – Fünffleck Widderchen
14:55 Fejká – Unfold
18:16 Janus Rasmussen – Jörð
23:28 Rone – Babel
26:20 Pantha du Prince – Pius In Tacet
31:30 Acid Pauli – How Long is Now
32:40 Isolee – Jordi
34:55 Recondite – Mirror Games
39:24 Robag Whrume – Nata Alma (Club Smash Hit Version)
44:11 Superpoze – The Corridor
47:30 Aparde – No Need (Robot Koch Remix)
51:00 Rosa Anschütz – Diopter (Hior Remix)
55:00 Christian Löffler – Roth (ft. Mohna)

Nto - Note Blanche (Official Video)

Nto — Note Blanche (Official Video)
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— Hungry hits the ground running and kick starts 2016 with an excellent two-tracker by N’to.

For the release’s title track “Note Blanche” N’to further explores his shimmering, melodic

Joachim Pastor - Reykjavik

Joachim Pastor — Reykjavik (HM10)

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Joachim Pastor - Fixi

Joachim Pastor — Fixi
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Just as the sun returns to the Northern Hemisphere, Joachim Pastor get’s his Fixi road ready and takes us on a musical trip. Three free floating creations full of musical euphoria and funk filled grooves await!

Starting off with the carefree “Fixi” track, which is based around a gently played acoustic guitar melody. Spheric effect work escorts feathery pads and strings, while the 4/4 house beat and thumping bassline keep things moving forward on the dancefloor.

Next up is the dreamy “Laos” song. Laid-back, slightly distorted synth and percussion sounds build smooth tension. The energy is fielded by a bright string section and completed by a mellow Marimba melody.

Joachim is closing of this superb EP with the broken beat anthem “The Same”. A breathtaking field of panoramic sounds evolve over the course of four minutes. Pastor experiments with other worldly vocals and tight broken beats. Pure bliss!