Christian Löffler - Lys (feat. Menke)

«Lys (feat. Menke)» is the title-track of the my album. The video was shot in the Youtube Space in Berlin.
Ask me anything about the album or my music in the comments. ✍️



Director/Producer: Lauren Pringle
Collaborating Visual Artist: Petra Hermanova
Collaborating Photo Artist and Editor: Agustin Farias
Talent: Sydney Nwakanma
DOP: Diego Gardo
Assistant Director/Producer: Massimiliano Rossetto
1st AC: Edward Stubber
Art Director: Miren Oller
Assistant Art Director: Nuria Sastre
Production Assistant: Sara Luisa Santos
Backstage Photographer: Julian Roth
Special Thanks to #YouTubeSpaceBerlin for the opportunity to create the video there!
#YouTubeMusic #ChristianLöffler #Menke

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